Chairman's Message

It has been our dedication and commitment that have paved the way for Money Muttath Nidhi’s journey of growth all throughout these years that took us to being one of the largest Non banking branch networks spanning across Kerala. We always aspire to provide service to our members in a way far better than others and we are trying to make it much better as our vision is to serve our people and our Nation. By providing a world class financial support, MONEY MUTTATH NIDHI LIMITED is relentlessly striving to secure our society, and on the other side, we aim to create all new service delivery that present a prosperous way for help human being to lead the life comfortably. In a nutshell we are your partner par excellence in all your Financial Plans and aspirations.
Our purpose is to serve economic aspirations of common men and by that way to better living conditions. On this occasion I express my sincere gratitude to all those who have so far come along with us in this journey. And we expect to you to continue this dream trail towards our collective progress.

Locate us

Rajavalsam Arcade, M.C Road
SH 1, Pandalam,Pathanamthitta(Dist)

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