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Going the Ant-way, we all want to save and invest our surplus money, dreaming of a financially stable future. In that case, the first thing that comes to our mind is certainly ‘fixed deposit’. The hassle-free process, guaranteed returns, and ease of investment have attracted made Fixed Deposit Schemes popular since ages. However, what we do not know is that fixed deposit is much more than just an investment avenue. Fixed deposit also can be the collateral against which, you may avail cash loans and it is also regarded secure in nature.

We provide low interest loans against the cash deposits of our members with us. So, at times of urgent financial requirements, you can easily opt for a loan against the FD instead of breaking your FD prematurely. There are various ways in which a loan against fixed deposit can benefit you, like low interest rates and relatively easier application formalities. It also helps you by providing chances to save your prized assets put at stake. Since it’s a secured loan, interest charged for the same is cut short.



The salient features of our Loan Against Deposit  service are as follows:

  •      Loan amounts up to 75% of the Deposit:

  •      No credit checks

  •      No processing fee:

  •      Loan disbursement is immediate

  •      Low interest rates:

  •      Flexible payment terms:

  •      No prepayment penalty

  •      Hassle-free application process:

  •      No requirement to break fixed deposit

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